Our Services

We provide our clients with a leading edge, well thought through solutions that will give them competitive advantage in their respective industry or sector.

We'll Handle Any Probles and Solve Them

Application Development

We are passionate about innovation, and our entrepreneurial approach enables us to create efficient, pragmatic and rational software packages. Whether you want us to help you develop or optimize software packages, we have the right kind of team to do just that.

Consulting Services

We design, build and manage innovative solutions that help our clients increase revenue, realize return on investment and improve customer satisfaction.

Managed Services

We simplify the management and operation of your hybrid IT through our global, platform-based Managed Services, focusing on providing business value. We run your day-to-day technology operations consistently, improving efficiency and seamlessly delivering the agility and scalability your business needs.

centralized Security

Sophos Central allows you to manage our award-winning Synchronized Security platform. Advanced attacks are more coordinated than ever before. Now, your defenses are too. Our revolutionary Security Heartbeat ensures your endpoint protection and firewall are talking to each other.

IT Infrastructure Design

Investments in IT infrastructure design creates business value and yields a return in business efficiency and competitiveness.

DevOps & System Architecture

Like all movements, there are inevitably debates around what the best approach to DevOps is.

Cloud Services

Choose the right cloud infrastructure with the right cloud approach for your applications. Ensure service-level-driven outcomes for demanding requirements. Gain the promise of cloud from edge to data center to cloud with our comprehensive, enterprise-grade, cloud capabilities

Data integration and analytics

Empower users to visualize and analyze data and embed analytics in everyday workflows with minimal IT support.

messaging platforms services

In the last decade, with the advent of new technologies and increasingly powerful devices, the Web has transformed marketing from an abstract and applied science using magic formulas without any measurable metrics, to a concrete, analyzable and measurable methodology.

Custom development Projects

Custom software application development can open gates for innovation and customization according to your exclusive needs. Be it mobile application development or web application development, at CDN Software Solutions, you work with a skilled team of developers and testers who attack loopholes and leave no room for inefficiencies.